Walter and Olive Ann Beech
Walter and Olive Ann Beech
Walter and Olive Ann Beech

Inducted in 2023

Founders of Beechcraft

Walter H. Beech

1891 – 1950

Olive Ann Beech


In the mid 1920s, young WWI veteran and bold barnstormer, Walter H. Beech became one of the early leaders of the growing airplane industry. Walter and his wife, Olive Ann, founded the Beech Aircraft Company in 1932 and created a legacy of general aviation aircraft known for safety, dependability, beauty and speed.

olive Ann Beech became one of the first female CEOs of a Fortune 500 Company as well as the first woman to lead a major aircraft company. Because of her finacial and organizational skills she was responsible for Beech Aircraft being one of the most successful airplane manufacturing companies in the world knon for quality, service and excellence. She is forever known as thr “First Lady of Aviation”.